Our mission

The children's clothing bank Hoorn was started at the end of October 2011 by the current chairman Bianca Hofmeijer
The Stichting kinderkledingbank Hoorn was founded at the end of October 2012 by Gerrit Hofmeijer.
Until the end of 2013, the foundation consisted of 1 board member, Gerrit Hofmeijer.

At the start of 2014, a new management team was put together, namely chairman (Bianca Hofmeijer), secretary (Thea Stitzinger), pen master (Gerrit Hofmeijer), general board member (vacant) and general board member (Menno Hofmeijer).

After a reorganization, a major renovation / relocation that has been realized under the leadership of the coordinator Bianca, an attempt will be made to create an even better cooperation between the board, volunteers, sponsors and clients, especially the sponsorship we want to optimize to make our volunteer organization even better to streamline.

Our mission consists of a 10 point plan:

  1. Make the KKB-Hoorn organization work in such a way that our clients, sponsors and our own employees are satisfied.
  2. A financial budget is prepared for the coming year in the fourth quarter of each year.
  3. Onze cliënten te voorzien van kleding en thuis/schoolbehoeften. Ook voorzien wij in een (korte) kindervakantie en de jaarlijkse Sinterklaas en kerstviering
    + andere uitjes o.a de jaarlijkse stads speeltuin dag.
  4. Broadening the focus on poverty to the neighborhoods where our clients live and through more intensive cooperation with food banks, among other things, we can better distribute the clothing range.
  5. Ask all organizations in the city for more structural contribution.
  6. Ask clients to contribute something as a volunteer.
  7. Tools te ontwikkelen om cliënten te helpen uitzicht te krijgen op verbetering van hun positie (nog in ontwikkeling).
  8. De sponsorwerving verder te optimaliseren en meer structurele inkomsten te verwerven bij bedrijven, particuliere / zakelijke donateurs, kerken en andere instellingen.
  9. To develop management tools that give us a better insight into the number of clients, but also what wishes and complaints our customers have.
  10. The realization that we as an organization all have the same goal within everyone's own responsibility, namely to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Help us

You can help us by donating your children's items, by making a financial contribution, by becoming a sponsor or by becoming a volunteer. Contact us for the possibilities
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