PAY ATTENTION! The Kkb has been closed due to the threat of the corona virus. This is to ensure the safety of our employees and clients. On the advice of the municipality and the GGD.



The customer base is growing again lately, which is why we are unfortunately forced to tighten our rules. After the Christmas holidays we will adjust to what is really needed, because we are short of clothing, but we have too many toys.

The store must also come in better balance. Logically, the children do not stay warm with toys, so we prefer clothing.

Therefore here below a list "what makes us happy". With this we hope to get the store in better balance and to better support our customers.


Clothing 44 to 98 baby
Clothing from 104 to 176 kids
Adult clothing due to teenagers
NEW toys for birthdays
Birthday items (garlands ect.)
Toy complete as a set
Toys neatly in box
School supplies, bags of bread bin etc.
Baby stuff small, everything welcome (bottles ect.)
Stroller buggy, high chair, bath tubs etc.


Cuddly toys
Small toys loose
Complete toys
Digitene, Video player etc.
Video tapes and DVDs
Old toys
Loose toys
Large furniture (table, chairs, couch, etc.)
Household goods
Glassware (due to danger kids !!)
Recycle stuff


Children's room furniture
Children's room cupboards
Kitchen stuff related to teenagers

Dear people, everyone knows what we are happy about, and believe me all help is needed. Only our store does not allow everything.

If you have questions or want to donate something; Use the whatsapp button (bottom left of your screen) 😀


Donate things

We depend on donations. You can help us support underprivileged children by donating toys, children's clothing or school supplies. During our opening hours you can come to bring your things. View our opening times on the contact page or at the bottom of the website.

Who are we?

The Kinderkledingbank Hoorn is a charity foundation, founded on Oct. 29, 2012, but already active since Oct. 2011. We are committed to families who are experiencing financial difficulties. Our membership currently consists of more than 3200 children.

Become a donor

If you cannot contribute stuff, but want to help us support the underprivileged children. Can you make a monetary contribution or use your own time as a volunteer. On the sponsor page is an overview of all companies that have supported us. We also have many anonymous donors. Your privacy is also important to us.


Do you want to be helped?

If you would like to be helped at Kinderkledingbank Hoorn with children's clothing, toys, school attributes etc,
Then you can come and visit us during opening times. Take along papers that show that you live on or below the poverty line.
More information can be found at "Become a member?" page


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Most recent messages

KKB as of 1 June 2020

Tuesday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm
(I extend the times, so I demand a lot from my volunteers, help them a bit, keep the shop neat and quiet)

1.5 meters also with us.
And Respect for each other also applies to us ...

Everything in a row ...
# come alone as much as possible. Or together with 1 child if older than 10.
# USE gloves, or alcohol before entering. ( is ready for you)
# Do not eat or drink in the queue or shop.
# under 10 by appointment only. App just with bianca
# stay in line until you can or may enter.
# no baskets so bring your own bag.
# remove the brackets yourself and clean them up in the designated place.
# pass on how much you have me, if in doubt we count.
# max 1 volunteer and 1 customer per department.

Dusssss was kind to each other. This is also not what we want. We do our best for everyone. But now we also need your help.

In case of violence, discussions, or non-compliance with our rules, I am forced to remove you from our database. This means, you are out ... Re-registering is then your only option. ... More..Less..

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If you want to shop you can. You get the shop alone for half an hour.

Schedule for the coming weeks. Please note that you can only reserve dates and time via app 0622679969. Failure to meet an appointment will have consequences for your registration with the kkb.

Friday, May 29
9.00 busy
9.30 busy
10.00 occupied
12.30 busy
13.00 occupied
13.30 occupied

From June 1, the kkb will open Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. But with max 2 customers. (so keep in mind waiting outside) and max half an hour shopping. You make us happy by leaving children up to 10 years old at home. Comply with the rules. ... More..Less..

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Super sweet. Had lunch from Purmerend. ... More..Less..

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For several weeks I have been driving around every Monday with a bus full of full shopping bags with food and coupons from ah. For the people who have a hard time. The Corona time for the kkb is tough but very grateful.
Both driving around and filling the store. And yet with good guidelines, continue to give as many Kids as possible new clothing.
Now I would like to sneak.
Because a number of sponsors do not want to be mentioned (but do read along).

¿¿¿Thank you ¿¿¿

also the people who donated our clothes.

For the support in the kkb.

So that Jessica and Thea and I, can continue to do our work with a lot of love .. With the hope of having our team complete again soon. ... More..Less..

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